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TR 146FH

Cable drum and coiling machines

These types for trade and industry focus on rewinding cables from drum to drum.
Quick and easy modification also allows each machine to be fitted with winding heads in various diameters and adjustable versions, in order to make cable rings.

There is almost no task that cannot be productively solved using these machines.
Drums from 600 mm to 2500 mm can be wound on and off. Hydraulic raising and lowering of the drums, as well as automated layering of the cable, allow extensive automation of the work processes.

For more information, please see the following sections.
If you tell us what sizes of drum you need to work with and your main type of cable, we can develop a tailor-made concept to meet your requirements.

Cable drum and coiling machines. For use in cable stores at distributors, industrial plants etc. Machine in stable steel construction. Electro-hydraulic drum and coil winder lifting by 2 arms. Cable traversing with ball bearings ready to mount length measuring equipment M 20 - M 60 / S, moving by hands. Electronic pre-set counter included as standard equipment. Included safety cage with automatic switch-off. Easy displacement through big wheels.

The appropriate length measuring equipment can be selected for this device. It is also possible to permanently mount cable cutting equipment to the measuring machines.
  • For winding from drum to drum or from drum to coils.
  • Frequency controlled drive with soft start and soft stop.
  • Drum lifting by hand hydraulic.