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Here you can find materials such as catalogues, leaflets and get the latest version of CabSoft. You will also find our TeamViewer which is needed in some support cases.

We regularly update our materials and you can experience these so change in identity and content.
It is always the up-to-date version on this site, that you need to rely on.

You can download the CabSoft program DEMO version here, in case you wish to try the product first - we recommend you talk to our supporter for tips and fast adaption to our software.

Do you want access to CabSoft? Call or write us, and have a chat.


Catalogues & Leaflets


General profile leaflet


Leaflet with a quick overview of the inventory we possess at Cabicon.

Do you want further information of a specific product area please contact us.




Catalogue with a complete overview of the Cabmark products.

Do you need a different label size? No problem, contact us and hear more about custom orders.


Industrial power supply


General oveview of products within industrial power supply, such as CEE, distribution boxes and construction site lighting etc.

Danish version! Call for further information.


Warning signs


Catalogue with a complete overview of the CabMark warning signs.

Catalogue in danish! Call us if you need assistance or have any questions.


Emergency lighting


Catalogue of the complete product assessment within emergency lighting.

Do you have a special requirement? Call us now and hear more about special orders.


Wireless emerg. lighting


Leaflet of a new product area within wireless emergency lighting.

Do you need something special? No problem, call us right now and hear more about custom orders.








Program for digital support.




Demo - Try our CabSoft program for free here.

Do you want the full version? Call us and have it arranged.




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