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Emergency light GR-900/30L/SC SuperCap. 1h - 1 pcs.

The GR-900/30L/SC is a self-testing, maintained operated LED emergency luminary and has a power pack consisting of super capacitors (not conventional batteries)
It has a total guarantee of 10 years. It is self-testing with advanced circuits for charging and discharging the capacitors.
It has low consumption and a high Power Factor 0.93. 
It’s light output is at 250 lumen and has autonomous duration 1 hour. It has IP65 degrees of protection & the viewing distance is 26 meters.

It can be either installed on a wall or a ceiling easily.
  • The luminary is  produced in accordance with ΕΝ 60598-1, ΕΝ 60598-2-22, ΕΝ 55015, ΕΝ 61547, ΕΝ61000-3-2, ΕΝ 61000-3-3
  • 220-240V AC/50-60Hz operation voltage
  • 7,5VA maximum power consumption
  • Dimensions 363x145x73mm

Construction materials: Polycarbonate, Flame Retardant ABS/PC

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