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End cap CCEH, blk, spiral glue Ø12/5-45mm - 1 pcs.


CCHE is a hot melt lined polyolefin heat shrink moulded end cap. CCHE offers a superior resistance to oxidation, UV radiation and excellent encapsulation properties. CCHE are suitable for used both on open air and on underground power distribution (up to 1kV) and telecommunication cables with PVC or XLPE sheets.

    Values Test methods
Shrink temperature   120 °C  
Operation temperature range   -55 °C - 110 °C IEC 216
Tensile strength   12 MPa ASTM D 638
Elongation at break   >350% ASTM D 2671
After aging, 168hrs, 150 °C Tensile Strength >12MPa  
Elongation at break >300% ASTM D 638
Flammability   n/a  
Volume resistivity   1x1014 Ω. cm IEC 93
Copper corrosion   no corrosion ASTM D 2671